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  • ‘Mirabilia,


    Part 3 I became that guy. Whose Liability was caught by atmospheric beauty. At the end of light, in the beginning of time, I rise with thou gazing moon to seek for wolfs cry. By dint of howl I reckon my faults eye; “Thereby I fought/ I arise/ I wander from misery to impasse of…

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  • ‘heretofore,


    Part 2 To tell; You did with no mask. Face to eye, body to linger, We grasp like there is no tomorrow. For there shall be a next sorrow. you said; “I’m sorry, but I have to.” We were in a flow, but you had to grow, beyond your dreams you stayed, but in pain…

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  • ‘Plea,


    Part 1 In silence I hear your voice cracking, You whisper your final wish; “You and I are lacking.” So simple it was for you to say. Beyond my mind, beyond my soul, I was lost for you not to stay. you said; “You knew it would happen one day”. The burden I felt streaming…

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  • ‘hymn,


    To share my thoughts from the world above, to swoop and fly with the spirits of white dove. To fit like a glove; “I wish thou grace had been, my love.” To fly side by side all from the world above! I’m hiding for us to write, to reach height and foreshore. To my wings…

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  • ‘untold,


    Hands to reach out for, skies nearing my blues. Art of enemy screaming down by my muse, This has to become my scream of abuse. Did I Ever not walk a mile in your shoes? have I lost your Faithfulness by gathering to one’s fathers bruise? Under no dwell, to commit freedom’s swell, shall I…

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  • ‘Déjà vu,

    ‘Déjà vu,

    To Love; the truth of symphony. I share my thoughts to you, Milady of mystery. Sleepless nights of whittle, thou beauty has my grace risen into the starry nights. Tune off the spirits of my place, for I shall follow you till the end of the day. For I have seen the light, to follow…

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  • ‘Arcane,


      Not speaking; To wonder about thinking. To bite on my tongue. Did I know? – “What did I care?” To be very fond of one and another, to be certain, alas too young. To understand this; “When there was nothing more to be got out of me.” Difficult to find among!  

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  • ‘Ephemeral,


    To whittle and knot with tension in my heart, To be flown, To be risen, to my heart of art. To you I say; I Am….? “For my shredding part I fall, I fell, and have been taken apart”. To imagine and dream with hope in my eyes. To be drawn, To be loved, to…

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  • ‘Ambigue,


    To go further than victory, to write beyond history; “We are the world’s seekers for death upon her eyes.” For mysteries we care not about her lies, for strength we search love, love in her eyes. To speak loudly. To wander…. slowly. We treasure the beauty in her eyes. Tonight my heart is light, and…

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  • ‘Impuissance,


    I’m spoken by thou lovely flower, Miracle of thee wind behind the clouds, Flee with Peace. “to my nemesis; I speak nor tongue about it”. Under no presumptions I scream for thou skipping hour. Impressed? I was not, to care? I shall not, to forgive? I forage! Shimmering light wandering among your confession. Seeking for…

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  • ‘mother,


    Mother, do you hear me? Let me speak with my untouched tongue, in silence I grave for attention. “Pull me in” and taste the lies among. Mother, do you see me? Eyes, closed by day, took me down. Afraid I was to see, “to accept” the faith that you were no more around! Mother, do…

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  • ‘Emotion,


    Sweet loving symphony of Youth, merely touch My tender lips of my sin. Provoke, to breath, air becoming my horizon. Howling waves of music, the Ocean, following me through mother’s Nature speech of the wizen. Young and Lividly foraging for devotion, To be lost, To be lost, To be lost, To be….. emotion.

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  • ‘indurate,


    Share me a world with no pain. Take me to a place hidden from human eye. Dance with me to the beginning of no memory stain. I’m embraced by thou waltzing grace. Do you speak or slither around in my brain? Hopeless in search while lost in translation. “To be laconic; Raising my heartbeat for…

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  • “Confide,


    She said that dream was a fraught, for I have been seen in waking thought. “Shoot”, you said; “Shoot, and follow the bloodline!” It was the dark night of august. sweet and define. “Set me loose”, you said; “Set me loose and be free” Take me to a higher degree of summers sea. For joy…

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  • ‘Youthful,


    You said; “Love is young and we should Only take it by the heartbeat.” Us? that shall not happen nor bitter or sweet. This path crossed by two-way street. How could I ever trust thou pleat? Free I will be, take my veins for you to see on repeat! Uncover our lost heat. you said;…

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