To be in love

while in faith we have lost.

I have shared my heart

with you to be easily tossed.

To seek pieces of my heart

within stars of time

you have healed my trust.

To believe that no time

can behold our home,

the gazing skies of wanderlust.

As age defines beauty

they say;

“To love and to feel

we have to wonder in mystery.

as the stars look upon us

We have more than one history.”

Stamp of approval


One look,

in silence you have spoken.

That’s what I saw.

From devastating to weeping.

For you have my heart taken,



One word,

from realm of words.

That’s what I heard.

To be sorry,

to be lost,

to be wrong.

the sound of chirping got lost by my birds.

One breath,

To blindly trust my soul.

That’s what it took.

For you have shown me not to,

to lose,

to forgot.

To be in control.

Jojo stamp of approval


Part 4





my face.

Just with one look,

one glace

into the space I sank down from my disgrace.

To quote “The ring is on my hand,

And the wreath is on my brow.”

By means of; “From prophet to believer,

shall I drink my last griever.”

Mother, be my friend and

let me stand by your side.

For I have given all my strength.

To not bide,

to not hide,

to not be tied,





My pride.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 5

Stamp of approval


Part 3

for you




want to kneel.




I Declare my heart broken.

From shadows of deviating words unspoken.

Enemies seek

my untouched howl

for a chirping mystique.







Speak; “make me a promise not for the weak.”

A Symphony of waltzing chase

to catch my heart at home

in a place beyond my souls grace.

See me weep,






my face

Jojo stamp of approval

Part 1

Part 2

Part 4

Part 5


To my loving followers,

I Hope everyone is doing well? I Hope you all have a lovely morning/day/evening? I Have a little announcement to make, but before I do that I want to say “thanks” to you, yes YOU;

First of all; You, my loving, caring and most amazing followers anyone could ask for. In my wildest dreams would I never believe that I would achieve more than 1K followers on WordPress, especially not in this short brief time. I Have been on WordPress for years now, but I didn’t really do anything with it until the Covid-19 Pandemic. Mid-April I went full blasted and told myself to start sharing my work, start following your dreams and hopes, and start connecting.

The whole Covid-19 Pandemic made me think about what really maters in life. Most of you know me as the guy whom is always; “Caring, thoughtful, Full with energy, Heartwarming, Giving…ETC”. To be honest, You people get me to do all of that. You inspire me and get me through the hardest time, you make it possible to keep sharing my work and feel appreciated by all of you. This is a special community that gets my heart glowing with love every day and time when I open WordPress.

Back to you, the one who’s reading this. Thank you so much for following me, talking to me through the comment section and always sharing me your thoughts. You make me better in what I love to do the most. To write, and for that I am thankful. I couldn’t wish for it to go different or “better”, Because YOU are already the best I have in my loving life!


I Can’t wait to keep this journey going with all of you, From The Netherlands to France, to India and all beyond…. The countries that I have seen that visited my website is unbelievable!

A special shout out to all of you with honour and love, given and praised by me! I Can’t be thankful enough. I can’t imagine where this journey will bring us, But I can hope that this community will be there till the end of time!

My wish, Granted.

My dreams, Rising.

My power of will, Fighting.

“One community, one goal. To write and inspire”. I have used that quote a couple times in the comment section and most of you know it by as my “encouraging” words. But, I truly mean it. We are in this together and only you and I can accomplish the greatest of all and that is to write. To share our thoughts flowing through our fingers onto the keyboard, through a pen or with our phone. Whatever you desire to use is a way of connecting and to inspire us all!! So don’t ever give up and keep sharing me your WORDS with this community for a long journey.

Announcement: From now on, as a little celebration for this victory, I will start using a “stamp of approval” with my posts! This “stamp” will be my next signature and I hope you all will like it. By now you must know that this little moustachio guy loves to do things a little different and make it as unique as possible. For the one who wants to know, because I love sharing my personal stuff, my moustache is at “Muscle Bar” level now 😊. She, Yes it’s a she, is waiting for your heartfelt and caring thoughts through the comment section, so she can grow more and more.

With much love & inspiration written by me,

(Just 5.6 ft. tall with a badass moustache and eager to grow as a writer.)

Jojo Al Waealy, Stamp of approval

Ps, Just before I log out and finish my story here, I just noticed yesterday that I didn’t see a special post from LiaThePoet! Post; ‘A bit of quiet and a lot of thanks, thanking me for supporting her, quote; “I want to thank Jojo Alwaealy especially, his support constantly brightens me” unquote. For that I want to say to her that I truly am sorry that I didn’t notice it before, and that I’m thankful for this amazing friendship we have thanks to WP!

Faire la bise, Lia. Xoxo


Part 2

In silence I vow;

I Seal my lips,





For I have to let you allow,

to let you in,

to speak to my heart,

to break my thorns by thou.





“to heal.”

Wheal me in

and let me leap.

For I’m stronger,

for I’m a survivor,

for you




want to kneel.

Part 1

Part 3 




Part 1







I whisper with my tongue

to a fly, to a bird, to a dove.

“I seek my hymn throughout our stars,

My love.”

To cry,

endless stream.

To hope,

in miles I dream.

To seek,

by my heart’s regime.





Wonder about the world’s agleam.




In silence I vow;

I seal my lips





Part 2


Take me to a place,

where I can smell your grace.

Take me away,

to a Laughter of child’s play.

Take me home,

from sin city to Rome.

I’m lost,

where paths have been crossed.

I’m hiding,

to a symphony of world guiding.

I’m seeking,

from ohms to thorns that have been speaking.

Make me blind by touching my fervour,  by thou means;

In the seeker of more I share my heart,

to a walk down the sunset I blindly follow,

As Impure,

As by thou Allure,

As I am taken by your highly cure.


Hear her speak, mother of winds, through the earth euphony,

She, strangers land, guides me through my backlins.

Have me wander/ Have me rising/ Have me shining;

To a reason of wonder,

I hide my words between my lips,

Bare my thoughts to a spell casting under.



My Future

Between Your eyes.

For I Have taken,

For I Have sought,

For I shall revise;

“To learn to walk,

To learn to dance,

To learn to talk.”

I Shall promise my heart to the one of all,

where teardrops fall,





I’m a lost soul writing throughout your mind.

For the willingness of envy you shall not easily offend me.

I chant while you weep,

I laugh while you break

and I rise while you descent from my eye.

To not to mention war,

(To not speak strong mouth,)

You shall deflower your soul.

thoughts you had and thought I would do.

To tell the truth;

This will I never be,

Never can be,

Never been raised to be,

I Have been chasing, nothing has been wasted,

From the chant of “You had me at hello” to

the rising voice of beauty that I have tasted.

I Am free,

Dancing through the melody of waves sea.

I Am to be,

Myself, as I have chosen to see.

I Will Flee,

To the future that beholds me.

‘Faire la bise,

Everything around me went dark.

The light she sparkled was like the sunrise,

while moving counter clockwise she spoke softly;

“to a drip of tear, to a sniff of cry, I seek for thou eye.”

Let me hold your heart,

let me kiss your smile,

let me feel your grace,

for I’m chanting my soul to your known “faire la bise.”

Crossing my mind to behold my wish with the wise,

I scream for your attention into the bluest skies.









the spoken lies.

For I speak to love,

For I share my heart,

For I grant you my thoughts,

Let me say “I love you.”

from the beginning of earth endwise.


To love, I blindly trust.

To love, I gaze for you through stardust.

A wanderlust of promise to be…

Strangers oath to seek me throughout,

I have given all for now….and now I plea;

A path to walk on,

A path of promise,

A path of strength.

To all we need more time to spare.

From mother’s affair to the rhythm of flair

Your beauty speaks mystery of stare.

Do I dare to ask?

Wherein the truth is spoken to all.

Is your grace as strong as they see?

Is your strength as beautiful as they feel?

To love, the forbidden fruit from a tree.

To love, eye’s as blue as the sea.

Let my tongue slither around your brain

Only to swim throughout your vein. From

Victorian to Spain.

Endless love speaks tales of rain.


The sky is so clear by angels of the world; speak to my soul.

Bewitched narrow minded of dreams

to make me shiver once again I felt whole!

You slowly pass me,

you slowly look at me,

you slowly speak to me.

Angelic spirit of flee,

speak to thee,

walk me through your path of free,

For I am chosen to run into mothers sea!

I was,

I will,

I shall be the truth in your heart.

To depart I seek love within eyes art!

‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award,

Nominated For The Ideal Inspirational Blogger Award

The Award Rules:

• Thank the person who have nominated you and provide a link back to his/her blog.

• Answer their questions.

• Nominate up to 9 other bloggers and ask them 5 new questions.

• Notify the nominees through their blog by visiting and commenting on their blog.

• List the rules and display the “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award” logo.

Hi all ,

Just before I start answering J.M.Lillen all her questions, I want to thank her for nominating me for this amazing award. I was in awe when I saw the nomination. I’m so glad she feels that I inspire her, people and the lovely followers. She is an truly amazing writer, person and she has the most corky soul! Something we all need in our life! Her soul is compressed love all in one person!

So, I totally want you all to check out her blog and enjoy her writings; ps, check out ‘Miss midnight, this is something special we all can relate to!!

Questions by J.M.Lillen;

  • What quote inspires you most?

I truly have many quotes that inspires me, but I think my favourite that truly helped me throughout everything last year is;

My wish, granted.
My dreams, rising.
My power of Will, fighting
  • When you get writer’s block, what do you do to get through it and create?

What I try to do is actually absolutely nothing. I try to clear my mind, try to read a book, Listen to music, or what also really helps is “free writing”. I just start writing and I don’t focus on if its grammatically correct or whatever… just an outlet for my soul to my fingers

  • Is there a song that you find inspiring?

There is not particular one song that i have that really inspires me. When I write I truly love Classical music, but Listening to soul and blues really helps me to get in the “mood” if you know what I mean! ( listening to Queens, Freddie Mercury. At this moment. So yeah 😉

  • What other hobbies do you have?

Other hobbies I have are; long trips on my bicycle, going to the gym, watching movies, COOKING (I truly love that) and Trying out new things.

  • What do you feel like your purpose in life is meant to be?

For me its to experience the fullest. Taste of the Atmosphere, Taste for love, Sharing kindness, Adventures, always exceed higher power!

My dearest nominees that inspire me;

  1. LiaThePoet
  2. Million Dreams
  3. TheHiddenK
  4. PoetPasPoetry

To all my nominees; I want you people to know that you guys are truly amazing and inspire me ( If not all) to accomplish the greatest, to be inspired! Your writing is Lovely, Amazing and inspiring!

To J.M.Lillen ; I want to thank you once again for nominating me again. You are truly amazing and you inspire me by your amazing words, comments and writing skills! its always lovely to read your work!

My Questions for my lovely nominees;

  1. What do you love more; Free writing or a subject to write about?
  2. Your favourite author?
  3. What is your guilty pleasure?
  4. What is your top 3 bucket list?
  5. Would you rather write and have your own opinions with just enough money to survive, or write what others want with no own opinions and allot of money?

Good luck to you all, and feel free to answer them or not! let my moustache not threaten you;)


I Unruffled my pounding heart,

for you to slaughter it apart.

I’m nearing the edge on my walk,

for I’m gazing and thinking about our talk.

The muse in my years lost in translation,

gone in dust like powdered cremation.

With the tip of my finger

I feel nothing to linger.

I Stand by my side,

with victory I prolong my desire for pride.

At the end of the night

I close my eyes for a restless sight.

To you is say;

“Good riddance, for I’m ruling my way.”

I Stand,

I walk,

I conquer the world behind my past.

…………………..At last.