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  • ‘l-o-ve,


    To be in love while in faith we have lost. I have shared my heart with you to be easily tossed. To seek pieces of my heart within stars of time you have healed my trust. To believe that no time can behold our home, the gazing skies of wanderlust. As age defines beauty they…

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  • ‘Anagapesis,


    One look, in silence you have spoken. That’s what I saw. From devastating to weeping. For you have my heart taken, then broken. One word, from realm of words. That’s what I heard. To be sorry, to be lost, to be wrong. the sound of chirping got lost by my birds. One breath, To blindly…

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  • ‘Fallacious,


    Part 4 The forgotten tears from my face. Just with one look, one glace into the space I sank down from my disgrace. To quote “The ring is on my hand, And the wreath is on my brow.” By means of; “From prophet to believer, shall I drink my last griever.” Mother, be my friend…

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  • ‘Acrimony,


    Part 3 for you make me not want to kneel. As… ….I Rise.. I Declare my heart broken. From shadows of deviating words unspoken. Enemies seek my untouched howl for a chirping mystique. to the one that has to Speak; “make me a promise not for the weak.” A Symphony of waltzing chase to catch…

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  • ‘Appreciation,


    To my loving followers, I Hope everyone is doing well? I Hope you all have a lovely morning/day/evening? I Have a little announcement to make, but before I do that I want to say “thanks” to you, yes YOU; First of all; You, my loving, caring and most amazing followers anyone could ask for. In…

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  • ‘Nikhedonia,


    Part 2 In silence I vow; I Seal my lips, To an honest bow. For I have to let you allow, to let you in, to speak to my heart, to break my thorns by thou. You make me stronger, “to heal.” Wheal me in and let me leap. For I’m stronger, for I’m a…

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  • ‘limn,


    Part 1 I Am here and wondering around. I whisper with my tongue to a fly, to a bird, to a dove. “I seek my hymn throughout our stars, My love.” To cry, endless stream. To hope, in miles I dream. To seek, by my heart’s regime. To sit and to Wonder about the world’s…

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  • ‘fervour,


    Take me to a place, where I can smell your grace. Take me away, to a Laughter of child’s play. Take me home, from sin city to Rome. I’m lost, where paths have been crossed. I’m hiding, to a symphony of world guiding. I’m seeking, from ohms to thorns that have been speaking. Make me…

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  • ‘Backlins,


    Hear her speak, mother of winds, through the earth euphony, She, strangers land, guides me through my backlins. Have me wander/ Have me rising/ Have me shining; To a reason of wonder, I hide my words between my lips, Bare my thoughts to a spell casting under. I Seek My Future Between Your eyes. For…

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  • ‘kalopsia,


    I’m a lost soul writing throughout your mind. For the willingness of envy you shall not easily offend me. I chant while you weep, I laugh while you break and I rise while you descent from my eye. To not to mention war, (To not speak strong mouth,) You shall deflower your soul. thoughts you…

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  • ‘Faire la bise,

    ‘Faire la bise,

    Everything around me went dark. The light she sparkled was like the sunrise, while moving counter clockwise she spoke softly; “to a drip of tear, to a sniff of cry, I seek for thou eye.” Let me hold your heart, let me kiss your smile, let me feel your grace, for I’m chanting my soul…

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  • ‘Eros,


    To love, I blindly trust. To love, I gaze for you through stardust. A wanderlust of promise to be… Strangers oath to seek me throughout, I have given all for now….and now I plea; A path to walk on, A path of promise, A path of strength. To all we need more time to spare.…

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  • ‘Angeliferous,


    The sky is so clear by angels of the world; speak to my soul. Bewitched narrow minded of dreams to make me shiver once again I felt whole! You slowly pass me, you slowly look at me, you slowly speak to me. Angelic spirit of flee, speak to thee, walk me through your path of…

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  • ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award,

    ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award,

    Nominated For The Ideal Inspirational Blogger Award The Award Rules: • Thank the person who have nominated you and provide a link back to his/her blog. • Answer their questions. • Nominate up to 9 other bloggers and ask them 5 new questions. • Notify the nominees through their blog by visiting and commenting on…

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  • ‘Lalochezia,


    I Unruffled my pounding heart, for you to slaughter it apart. I’m nearing the edge on my walk, for I’m gazing and thinking about our talk. The muse in my years lost in translation, gone in dust like powdered cremation. With the tip of my finger I feel nothing to linger. I Stand by my…

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