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  • ‘Luscious,


    Now I am alone where I ponder of the death. Between heaven and hell I inhale my last breath. My earth, my heart and my vein connect with your blooming rose. The smell of defeat conquers with your unwritten prose. With my both hands I pray with my saviour as they demolish my sacred meadows. […]

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  • ‘Decandent,


    With my bare feet I walk over my earth. Now I feel the cold linger through my water.   One with my mother and in sorrow with my stream. That was my happiness thus, she walked in between. How come I was afraid for the undeniable if the world was not afar? I sought and […]

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  • ‘Pride,


    My earth, I solum swear to sleep with you in my heart. Like death I felt my dying rhyme skip that hollow vain, now I speak with no breath; “With nothing but emptiness, hope and hollowness I walk down my lane and swim throughout your vein. They laughed to my depart, but now, with music […]

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  • 3000 gratitudes

    3000 gratitudes

    If I ever had to believe the person that I used to be, the person that would always doubt his ability and never trust his strength , than I would have never believed that I would reach 3000 Followers on my blog. Yes, some are true and some are not, but one thing is for […]

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  • ‘Strife,


    Now, heaven, come to my preach and hear my hymn follow your dying speech. For this looming light I pray, therefore, I surrender my soul for each. Thus you follow my path that has been written to teach. The search of my conquering gate, at the mistake of life, we fall for the departure of […]

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  • ‘Quaver,


    The weeping willow beholds my silence.   To be spoken in tongue; “She is my earth, my birth and my mother, so beautiful and young.” “Hold my night”, I told my stars. With my arrival we shall win our wars.   To what you owe and to what I have given. Represents our past, your […]

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  • ‘This thursday,

    ‘This thursday,

    Gosh, I don’t even know how to start. Don’t even know what I should say or talk about at this moment. It’s been a while since I even shared a little thing about myself, poetry or whatsoever about my goals. As many of you noticed I have been Offline for a while, until 2.5 weeks […]

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  • ‘Liberation,


    This dream haunts with my sympathy as I bloom and flee under my realm. A Midnight stroll echoes to my flower, where I kiss and linger as I felt overwhelmed. To what I have owed, to what I have given it becomes my reason to cry. So I feel my night, under my sight and […]

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  • ‘Forgiving,


    Just before I close my eyes I ask myself; “What if?” Where I endeavour the hollow between my sadness, thus I spell and whittle words with my tongue and madness. As the night echoes and the stars shine will I believe or will I intertwine? But, fear overwhelms the brightness in my eyes, as I […]

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  • ‘Sojourn,


    As I was lost in the meadows my scream echoes with my fall, where I surrender merely I remember my broken wall. In the afar distance I see the enemy of all. The one whom conquered with blood during nightfall. It is I who divides beauty from hell and it is I whom kisses my […]

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  • ‘Titanism,


    But what reflects the mirror in my eye if I can’t see what you have to decide? Where the light in the darkness reflects my hollow moonlight. Whereas I see a bright star and a looming rose from afar. I Have spoken with the death as the night wanders, one to one, I whittle and […]

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  • ‘Impetus,


    On the edge of my time I seek for the right mind and as my past flashes by I feel declined, but now I bloom and bleed for my kind. Hidden behind a wall of secrets I waltz with the enemy of lies, As I hear your cries, of what you have become I shatter […]

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  • ‘Ostrichism,


    See me crumble on my knees As I shatter my veins from within. Now, With light hands, I hold the thorns of my sin. Blood darkened in red Was almost as dark as black. Peace was my offer, But yet, I had an itch on my back. There goes my liberty That streams with my […]

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  • ‘Scarcely,


      If I could have seen my past from the moment we wouldn’t last, would I have been wrong or would you have been here lifelong? The thoughts of you frightens my eyes oh so true, as I see the night I would seek for that light. Now, feel my wind through as I care […]

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