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  • ‘indurate,


    Share me a world with no pain. Take me to a place hidden from human eye. Dance with me to the beginning of no memory stain. I’m embraced by thou waltzing grace. Do you speak or slither around in my brain? Hopeless in search while lost in translation. “To be laconic; Raising my heartbeat for…

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  • ‘Confession,


    Can I be honest? before asking for the who’s. Out for defeat, knocked down and lost abuse. Never have I prolonged more for breath of air, For I have given my last hope for you to care. Endless of shame and careless prayer, for you to stare. Seeking for the truth, while lost in lies…

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  • ‘Conflate,


    Once upon a mystery, stars they are, whereas we read our history; “To dwell and sweep through mother’s consistory.” The unquiet heaven watching over our nameless graves, 6 feet under; “Down the rhythms waves, all being poor galley slaves.” By no means, whereas we search for the seas, we shall leave our token unpleased. By…

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  • ‘confute,


    To love and to care for I speak with my soul. to thou grace and beauty; “For I shall be whole.” To wonder through my hearts keyhole. To quote, to speak, to laugh; “For I shall lose control.” To a labyrinth of light. To be lost in sight; “For I shall rise through life at…

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  • ‘Youthful,


    You said; “Love is young and we should Only take it by the heartbeat.” Us? that shall not happen nor bitter or sweet. This path crossed by two-way street. How could I ever trust thou pleat? Free I will be, take my veins for you to see on repeat! Uncover our lost heat. you said;…

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  • ‘home,


    The truth is; I’m speechless and taken away, All I have given was gone in a way. Knock me down and promise me today; “For I am Empty hearted, my soul sleeps restless to pray. “   My name written down and forgotten by heart. “Have you Ever felt like you didn’t belong?” To be…

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  • ‘lost,


    Take my hand and share me your thought. On your chest my head rest uncaught. I was Unaware from my mistakes. Don’t hold me down. Cause; “You didn’t want me anymore around.” How can I take thee soul with me to the end of time?   May I share our love, joy and tears? Or…

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  • ‘White lie,

    ‘White lie,

    Waltzing through life as John Doe in search for myself while I seek for my train. Speaking in tongue and slowly as Mark Twain. “Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today” such loose in strain we act all vain. We have our own fib; will you have that walk with me to Spain?

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  • ‘legends of the future,

    ‘legends of the future,

    As timorous we are we couldn’t previse our ending future.It is in our nature to raise our hopes in the air. By asking for the who’s, the when’s and the where’s we shall find our love affair. They say “don’t poke the bear”, or thou shall fall down in million pair. So be aware my…

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  • ‘Welkin,


    As for the starry nights we will be walking down the dreamy welkin…. And as likely we are we will be wearing our bridge coat. For I try to quote Poe himself I lose my thoughts into his words of the blue note. “From the Hell of the planetary souls?” and ought he touch my…

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  • ‘flower,


    We happen to be talking about the when’s, the where’s and the why’s. But in reality we never just appreciate the things around us, as we are the spirit of the skies. So, every now and then we just have a leap of faith and let time catch us. For we all consider our future…

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  • ‘the man,

    ‘the man,

    The hardworking man on the land has given his power with one hand, set some loose and all should be banned. The man, working for a dollar an hour, gave his life on demand. Just beforehand while listening to his favorite jazz band he walked over quicksand!

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  • ‘Chuffed,


    You think I wouldn’t be chuffed? I am releasing the pain that had me handcuffed. Raising my spirits up to the sky as I bluffed. So as they say; while dancing around in my room, thou shall inundate. Walking in a straight line towards my future that has been aligned. Before it falls down and…

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