One look,

in silence you have spoken.

That’s what I saw.

From devastating to weeping.

For you have my heart taken,



One word,

from realm of words.

That’s what I heard.

To be sorry,

to be lost,

to be wrong.

the sound of chirping got lost by my birds.

One breath,

To blindly trust my soul.

That’s what it took.

For you have shown me not to,

to lose,

to forgot.

To be in control.

Jojo stamp of approval


Part 2

In silence I vow;

I Seal my lips,





For I have to let you allow,

to let you in,

to speak to my heart,

to break my thorns by thou.





“to heal.”

Wheal me in

and let me leap.

For I’m stronger,

for I’m a survivor,

for you




want to kneel.

Part 1

Part 3 



‘Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award,

The Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award is an award given to upcoming bloggers for their role in inspiring their readers as well as their fellow bloggers. Being nominated for these awards is a sign that all of our hard work and putting our thoughts out there for everybody to read isn’t exactly in vain. On days when we’re feeling stuck, with absolutely no idea of where we’re going with our blogs, it’s nice to know that we’re making a difference, no matter how big or small the scale is.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer their questions.
  • Nominate up to 9 bloggers for this award and ask them 5 new questions.
  • Notify your nominees.
  • List the rules and display the ‘Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award’ logo and provide the link to their blog.


First things first, I didn’t expect Nawazish to nominate me for this award. We just started to exchange words with each other, I think a week or 2, and I already got nominated for this award! Nawazish is an Inspiring blogger and writer to be! the contents are always up to date and really great read! So, I want to Thank Nawazish for this nomination, And I want you Guys to check out The Lightening Bug Blog!!!


Question by the lovely Nawazish; 

  • When thing you would want to change in the world around you.

I want people to be more compassion and loving to one and another! There is too much hate going on lately. “Love” Is my number one motto for life, for eternity, for change and greater achievements. WE, and only WE, can change that. (Pay it forward)

  • A lesson learnt from your father that you always keep in mind.

Life is hard at times, But kindness and self-respect gets you to the place you desire! Never give up on hope and always go for greatness, but DO NOT HARM anyone!

  • Your biggest achievement till now.

It sounds silly but I think; I stopped smoking for 10 months now! that was a hard thing do achieve, and I am glad I still didn’t have the urge to start again!

  • What does dawn and dusk mean to you?

Through dawn and dusk we shine and see the beauty in Mother Nature. We have only short brief of moments to appreciate the little things around us, and those little things reminds us to achieve greatness. even if we have to blindly trust out guts!!

  • Do believe in the gray in between or everything is black and white for you? Why?

Nothing is just “black and white” to and for me. There are always way more of looking at things than we think we can. same goes for;  is your red the same as my red? All opinions matter and is in their way right and correct!

My question for my nominees are; 

  1. What is your favourite genre/subject to write about?
  2. Your all time favourite feel good movie?
  3. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
  4. How often do you write in a day?
  5. I bet you haven’t seen any of the movies but yet I will ask; Star Wars or Star Trek, Whats your favourite? 😉 (little geek over here, FYI)

My next and dearest nominees are; 

  1. LiaThePoet
  2. TheHiddenK
  3. J.M Lilin
  4. MillionDreams
  5. PoojaG


To my nominees I want to say; Thank you so much for always sharing your lovely work with the community. I Always feel pleased to read your diverse and stunning work! In all your ways its superb and inspiring! Thanks to you I get the feeling to write, to share and to feel the love for writing! Don’t ever stop, don’t ever give up and don’t ever lose the spirit! Keep going, Keep loving and keep sharing!

Ps, LiaThePoet, I can’t stop growing my little moustache. I Have a little problem!



Take me to a place,

where I can smell your grace.

Take me away,

to a Laughter of child’s play.

Take me home,

from sin city to Rome.

I’m lost,

where paths have been crossed.

I’m hiding,

to a symphony of world guiding.

I’m seeking,

from ohms to thorns that have been speaking.

Make me blind by touching my fervour,  by thou means;

In the seeker of more I share my heart,

to a walk down the sunset I blindly follow,

As Impure,

As by thou Allure,

As I am taken by your highly cure.


Hear her speak, mother of winds, through the earth euphony,

She, strangers land, guides me through my backlins.

Have me wander/ Have me rising/ Have me shining;

To a reason of wonder,

I hide my words between my lips,

Bare my thoughts to a spell casting under.



My Future

Between Your eyes.

For I Have taken,

For I Have sought,

For I shall revise;

“To learn to walk,

To learn to dance,

To learn to talk.”

I Shall promise my heart to the one of all,

where teardrops fall,





I’m a lost soul writing throughout your mind.

For the willingness of envy you shall not easily offend me.

I chant while you weep,

I laugh while you break

and I rise while you descent from my eye.

To not to mention war,

(To not speak strong mouth,)

You shall deflower your soul.

thoughts you had and thought I would do.

To tell the truth;

This will I never be,

Never can be,

Never been raised to be,

I Have been chasing, nothing has been wasted,

From the chant of “You had me at hello” to

the rising voice of beauty that I have tasted.

I Am free,

Dancing through the melody of waves sea.

I Am to be,

Myself, as I have chosen to see.

I Will Flee,

To the future that beholds me.

‘Faire la bise,

Everything around me went dark.

The light she sparkled was like the sunrise,

while moving counter clockwise she spoke softly;

“to a drip of tear, to a sniff of cry, I seek for thou eye.”

Let me hold your heart,

let me kiss your smile,

let me feel your grace,

for I’m chanting my soul to your known “faire la bise.”

Crossing my mind to behold my wish with the wise,

I scream for your attention into the bluest skies.









the spoken lies.

For I speak to love,

For I share my heart,

For I grant you my thoughts,

Let me say “I love you.”

from the beginning of earth endwise.


To love, I blindly trust.

To love, I gaze for you through stardust.

A wanderlust of promise to be…

Strangers oath to seek me throughout,

I have given all for now….and now I plea;

A path to walk on,

A path of promise,

A path of strength.

To all we need more time to spare.

From mother’s affair to the rhythm of flair

Your beauty speaks mystery of stare.

Do I dare to ask?

Wherein the truth is spoken to all.

Is your grace as strong as they see?

Is your strength as beautiful as they feel?

To love, the forbidden fruit from a tree.

To love, eye’s as blue as the sea.

Let my tongue slither around your brain

Only to swim throughout your vein. From

Victorian to Spain.

Endless love speaks tales of rain.


What to remember, my son?

“Nothingness rises into ashes sun.”

What am I to my son?

“Life seamless just begun.”

What have you seen, my son?

“You are everything to someone.”


What have I done?

What am I to you?


You have been afraid not so long,

from mistakes you have fallen,

to learn the right from wrong.

To wake up,

To shine,

To arise from chirping bird song.

A lullaby sweet as home.

Love-one, wait not for misery,

to you I will find my stay in Rome.


To be,

(To me)

A father for thee.


To share my thoughts from the world above,

to swoop



with the spirits of white dove.

To fit like a glove;

“I wish thou grace had been, my love.”

To fly




all from the world above!

I’m hiding for us to write,

to reach




To my wings of the unknown fight.

To undress our mind




Blind to a new world. Dare to be kind?




I share you my twilight of words signed!

‘Déjà vu,

To Love; the truth of symphony.

I share my thoughts to you, Milady of mystery.

Sleepless nights of whittle,

thou beauty has my grace risen into the starry nights.

Tune off the spirits of my place,

for I shall follow you till the end of the day.

For I have seen the light,

to follow beyond mother’s delight,

I float, I smile and reach me uncourt of height.

Waves of labyrinth following my endless arms,

to see, to love, to wait for you in your dress of white!

To rewrite love in a merely playwright.

To quote Shakespeare’s talking night; “The course of true love never did run smooth”.

Will you seek with me for the starry midnight?


To go further than victory, to write beyond history;

“We are the world’s seekers for death upon her eyes.”

For mysteries we care not about her lies,

for strength we search love, love in her eyes.

To speak loudly. To wander…. slowly.

We treasure the beauty in her eyes.

Tonight my heart is light, and my spirit is rising tears of cries.

“To start over again?”

For I’m afraid of what’s now to be…..

To wake up with sunrise, forgotten pain the unwise.


I’m spoken by thou lovely flower,

Miracle of thee wind behind the clouds, Flee with

Peace. “to my nemesis; I speak nor tongue about it”.

Under no presumptions I scream for thou skipping hour.

Impressed? I was not, to care? I shall not, to forgive? I forage!

Shimmering light wandering among your confession.

Seeking for thou guilty beauty, hidden and more fair; “As

Astounding thou petals were, I chose to not to be.”

Neglect by the possession, shall not be my impression.

Carry my light away, to the sky, for no limits reach my mind.

Envy, all careless shimmers of pride for I was blind!


Mother, do you hear me?

Let me speak with my untouched tongue,

in silence I grave for attention.

“Pull me in” and taste the lies among.

Mother, do you see me?

Eyes, closed by day, took me down.

Afraid I was to see,

“to accept” the faith that you were no more around!

Mother, do you love me?

To love, or, to be loved? that’s the question.

I Will be asking myself till the dawn of night,

shimmering light wandering among your confession.


Sweet loving symphony of

Youth, merely touch

My tender lips of my sin.

Provoke, to breath, air becoming my horizon.

Howling waves of music, the

Ocean, following me through mother’s

Nature speech of the wizen.

Young and Lividly foraging for devotion,

To be lost,

To be lost,

To be lost,

To be….. emotion.