Tag: Drama

  • ‘fervour,


    Take me to a place, where I can smell your grace. Take me away, to a Laughter of child’s play. Take me home, from sin city to Rome. I’m lost, where paths have been crossed. I’m hiding, to a symphony of world guiding. I’m seeking, from ohms to thorns that have been speaking. Make me […]

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  • ‘Backlins,


    Hear her speak, mother of winds, through the earth euphony, She, strangers land, guides me through my backlins. Have me wander/ Have me rising/ Have me shining; To a reason of wonder, I hide my words between my lips, Bare my thoughts to a spell casting under. I Seek My Future Between Your eyes. For […]

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  • ‘profound,


    Mother, do you feel me? I’m afraid to wander through life alone. To have none by my side, To… have… none…. whom holds me by night! Moments of despair; “I seek for care in your arms around me” Hold me tight and never let me fall. Mother, do you hear me? I cry to forget […]

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  • ‘Eros,


    To love, I blindly trust. To love, I gaze for you through stardust. A wanderlust of promise to be… Strangers oath to seek me throughout, I have given all for now….and now I plea; A path to walk on, A path of promise, A path of strength. To all we need more time to spare. […]

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  • ‘mother,


    Mother, do you hear me? Let me speak with my untouched tongue, in silence I grave for attention. “Pull me in” and taste the lies among. Mother, do you see me? Eyes, closed by day, took me down. Afraid I was to see, “to accept” the faith that you were no more around! Mother, do […]

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  • ‘indurate,


    Share me a world with no pain. Take me to a place hidden from human eye. Dance with me to the beginning of no memory stain. I’m embraced by thou waltzing grace. Do you speak or slither around in my brain? Hopeless in search while lost in translation. “To be laconic; Raising my heartbeat for […]

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  • ‘Confession,


    Can I be honest? before asking for the who’s. Out for defeat, knocked down and lost abuse. Never have I prolonged more for breath of air, For I have given my last hope for you to care. Endless of shame and careless prayer, for you to stare. Seeking for the truth, while lost in lies […]

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  • ‘Conflate,


    Once upon a mystery, stars they are, whereas we read our history; “To dwell and sweep through mother’s consistory.” The unquiet heaven watching over our nameless graves, 6 feet under; “Down the rhythms waves, all being poor galley slaves.” By no means, whereas we search for the seas, we shall leave our token unpleased. By […]

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  • ‘confute,


    To love and to care for I speak with my soul. to thou grace and beauty; “For I shall be whole.” To wonder through my hearts keyhole. To quote, to speak, to laugh; “For I shall lose control.” To a labyrinth of light. To be lost in sight; “For I shall rise through life at […]

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  • ‘hurl,


    With the tip of my tongue I say; “I haven’t lost myself in years”, but yet I asked god for forgiveness in tears. I was ready……ready to kill my fears. Nothing can take me away from my music of the spheres. With the tip of my tongue I say; “Though I shall run to the underworld […]

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  • ‘Welkin,


    As for the starry nights we will be walking down the dreamy welkin…. And as likely we are we will be wearing our bridge coat. For I try to quote Poe himself I lose my thoughts into his words of the blue note. “From the Hell of the planetary souls?” and ought he touch my […]

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  • ‘flower,


    We happen to be talking about the when’s, the where’s and the why’s. But in reality we never just appreciate the things around us, as we are the spirit of the skies. So, every now and then we just have a leap of faith and let time catch us. For we all consider our future […]

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  • ‘Chuffed,


    You think I wouldn’t be chuffed? I am releasing the pain that had me handcuffed. Raising my spirits up to the sky as I bluffed. So as they say; while dancing around in my room, thou shall inundate. Walking in a straight line towards my future that has been aligned. Before it falls down and […]

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