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  • ‘cemetery,


    Come and care; to a whittle of love for you, Eager to know your state of mind, losing thoughts in us. My brotherly love for you never withdrew. Earth, the place you have left. Time, you have given us to enjoy, in hope by bereft. Each gravel of dirt covers your body. Reaching out for […]

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  • ‘Confession,


    Can I be honest? before asking for the who’s. Out for defeat, knocked down and lost abuse. Never have I prolonged more for breath of air, For I have given my last hope for you to care. Endless of shame and careless prayer, for you to stare. Seeking for the truth, while lost in lies […]

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  • ‘Conflate,


    Once upon a mystery, stars they are, whereas we read our history; “To dwell and sweep through mother’s consistory.” The unquiet heaven watching over our nameless graves, 6 feet under; “Down the rhythms waves, all being poor galley slaves.” By no means, whereas we search for the seas, we shall leave our token unpleased. By […]

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  • ‘wherefore,


    Do you always ask yourself wherefore do I breathe? couldn’t we just wish upon death, for we have to quote Macbeth; “Those clamorous harbingers of blood and death.”As glamorous life could be. Talking about the sun, ocean and the blue sky; We will always run away from our precious ally. Just one look in the […]

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