To as I sleep at midnight,

from shadows to stars,

I am one step away from disaster.

As I pray out my thoughts

I await my soul to be risen by thou pastor.

To love,

To nod,

To as I am taken from scrimmage.

oh’, hear me speak. As I care

for your audible image.

Upon the quiet mountain top,

I seek for mystery beyond your eyes.

To as I wasn’t a believer, oh’ lady of the night

take me home to place

where you can’t disguise.

Hi Lovers & fighters; Fun with words.

I hope everyone is doing well? Today I had a little fun with writing. I Felt like playing with words today. So please, have fun reading it, but the real thing would be if you would share me your thoughts. Should I do it again or not? I don’t know. You tell me:).

Stamp of approval



Let me not wait as I am frightened.

Do hold my heart in your hands

as I behold my soul to your universe.

I Am hopeless in search for a

window as I speak of no verse.


whom could I be if no thought has been seen.

Do I wait as I observe?

If no time of the truth could be obscene,

then what power do I have to diverse?

Let me wait to as I hope for a wonder…

I close my eyes and wish;

“For you to hold my hands

as I share my heart.”

Distance, my nemesis to be,

As closure off the eyes I did not see

you mean nothing to me….

Stamp of approval



Oh’ hear the mountains echo

within the looming sky.

As I hear words of whisper;

“From dust to dawn

I hereby declare my soul free to the eye.”

A Walk, to draw one’s path,

while I wander I seek to beautify.


A wonder hidden in one raindrop

flows through my heart as I fly.

To have a journey,

as I follow,

I shall not forget my battles cry.

Hear the mountains echo

with the worlds grace

hidden in the voice of mother’s lullaby.

Stamp of approval



To see the edge

I Shall not show you my rare.

As I behave alone

we speak of the truth,

where no mercy beholds my glance of glare.

I’m within my thoughts

as I do not belong,

I surrender to you; “A place of where.”

To feel of none

I shall not show you a single tear.

As I wait,

I show you my veins

running through my last prayer.

In time I do trust

as to heal my wounds ne’er.

To stray of light

I bathe with hymn of flair.

Whereas my soul wanders

with you, to a moment of scare.

Stamp of approval



Take me home

as I amid my soul

for you to see.


in time we have to perceive

our true love

to as I avoid thee.

As I pray,

a thousand prayers,

I share my stargazing eyes.

Take me to a place

as I belong in a world

hidden behind the skies.

To wonder off,

if not,

I shall give my lies.

Reach out for my arms

as I shall not catch

nor fall with cries.

To a place I belong

I take my soul home

counting time clockwise.

Stamp of approval



To unfold the mystery

we must see with our eyes closed.

Hear my void fall into the darkness

as I whisper;

“To not lose hope

I give you my heart.

As we seek for words to speak

do I prolong my luring thoughts?”

A Glance into the starry nights

as we rise with the moon

we belong to the looming sky.


Do we speak of you as a rising star

or do we implode our hearts beyond wars?

I am one with stardust

as I am


to not be seen.

Stamp of approval



A Moment of silence as I daydream.

When I close my eyes

I feel numbness in my heart.

To as I have been empty,

while this beauty of hollow

lifts me along your side.

My love,

A roses thorn becomes the pain

as we are frightened to wait.

Let us count our tears;




For a moment,

I Slowly open my eyes

to see none no-more.

I Am, as they say;

“Alone by heart.”

Stamp of approval



If no human being listens to believe,

then no words have been spoken to reprise.

From misery I have sought throughout the world

to feel pain as I shall fall down on my knees.

If no love has shown me the truth behind the curtains,

then no wall shall open for your eyes.

To speak for the weak,

to stand for the strong,

to see for the wise.

Let me portray our symphony with words

as I can’t hold my peace.

To rise with the misfits of butterflies.

I Shall spread my wings of colours

for all to see within one faire la bise to the skies.

Stamp of approval



To be,

to be,

to be; one, two, three.

As I desire to spread my wings

I wish of freedom to behold my key.

Wherefore, to sleep under willow, I close my eyes

and see the star-stream in the eyes of she.




three, I lay my soul

with the sky as I want to be free.

I Want to fly with the hymn of the night,

therefore, shall the waves speak for me.


To be,

As I wish for one.


To be,

As I behold our love for two.


To be,

As I want to be equal of three.

Stamp of approval



Feel me as I reach out my hands

only for you to hold.

As love beholds my heart

where dreams show me the stars

beyond the dark blue skies.

To whittle of despair, we speak of beauty.

In such delight we move during the night,

whereas we follow the light

we conceal none bright.

To linger with my fingers

I feel your warmth holding me.

To embrace my thoughts

I do not feel my emotions; you see?

“Will you follow me?” I ask myself…

Do you trust my path as I plea?

Let me show you the world

as you swim free

with the sea.

Stamp of approval