‘Bloggers support bloggers #2,

‘Bloggers support bloggers #2,
Let me just introduce to you the next; ‘Bloggers support bloggers #2, 

Just before I will do an another “Bloggers support bloggers” I want to say; It Is time to acknowledge the person who started all of this project. She Is still amazing that she did such small “pay it forward” tribute to the rest of the bloggers. So as we know WritingsbyJM started this project a while ago and to me it was fun doing the first time. I had some inspiration today, some spare time left and thought; why not another “BLoggers support bloggers”. So please, check out her blog and have fun. ONE CLICK ON PHOTO AWAY……



  1. Thank the one who has tagged you for this challenge and give a link to their blogsite so others could see.
  2. Add any of the official photos in your blog post.
  3. List at least 5 bloggers you love and want to appreciate at this very moment.
  4. Give a short description about the blog you listed and some of the reasons why you love the blogger, or literally anything you want to say.
  5. Tag at least 5-10 bloggers to do the challenge.
  6. Put the official hashtag, #BloggersSupportBloggers in the Tags section of your post so whenever a blogger is looking for new blogs to read, it will be easier to find.
Mother, Who should I support?; Always take care of the ones who are new in a place. 

Yes, this is what I’m going to do. As my loving mother always have taught me; “Take care of the ones who are new in a place.” The reason behind that thought is that we all are afraid when we come to a place we are not familiar. I Too was afraid when I first started this “blogging” world, but over time people have welcomed me with their warmest hearts and showed me that this is a safe place to be. So, I want to do the same to the “younglings”. These people that I’m gong to “support” are new and have been really supportive to me. so, I want to give them all a shout out! I Hope we all can pursue this kind of harmony and prolong the love! 

Here we go; To show love I support you!! 

Silent Poetry 

Silent Poetry

Silent Poetry is your name and silently you go through the blogging world. You are still new in this blogging world and you already have been really supportive. Trust me, I always take my time to repay my favor to one another. As I love to “pay it forward”. Your writing is lovely and raw from your heart. As I could relate to them. I Want to thank you for all the love, support and for being a lovely friend! To my followers I want to say; CHECK OUT HER BLOG! 

Show a little respect and love. Silent Poetry will do the same for you! 


ChasingTheMaximum Anjali, you have been always kind to me and my work! I truly always appreciate your loving comments. They always motivate me to keep on blogging! You remind me of a sunshine that brightens our skies! Always taking your time to respond to your followers! On the other side, You always blog so diverse, but yet so true and so you! You always seem to amaze me with your work! Still young, but ready to conquer the blogging world!!! Don’t stop any day now, We need to Chase The Maximum Life!! anywhoooooo, Ladies and gentleman, I demand you to check out her loving blog!!! 

Show a little respect and love. Anjali will do the same for you! 

Soni Thoughts

Soni Thougths

Soni, You always have been so amazing and loving to me! You inspire me to write and to share. Your comments are always loving! You have such an amazing soul. You set your soul free in your writing and you share us your heart with no shame. 

Show a little respect and love. Soni will do the same for you! 


J.m lilinJ.M, your work, your comments, your tributes, your love and your amazing heartfelt honesty has gotten my soul! It’s such an delight to know you as a friend, a supporter and a future to be author! Nothing can stop you and we all know for sure you will make it one day! Just believe in yourself as much you believe your soulmate is waiting for you!!! Don’t ever give up. It’s always fun reading your work, and the loving comments you leave me when you read my work! Thank you so much in many multiverse I can give you!!!  

Show a little respect and love. J.M will do the same for you! 


million dreams

The last one of today; Miss K, You always seem to amaze me with your love to my work! You come and go, but when you come you show your love and leave us with grace as we will not forget you! I want to thank you for all your kind words and love you have been giving me! But honesty, I just can’t wait until you come back and share us your work again! I Know you have been busy, but you are not forgotten. Please have fun.

Show a little respect and love. K will do the same for you!

Wandering Thoughts


The last one of today; Nebula, Gosh. Yes you are a blessing in this community. You have been so kind, active and creative at time. You surprise me with your questions every time, but I love them so much! I love answering them and I love to wander by your thoughts! I Want to thank you 10000 times in advance and this will also be my last “thank you” (actually I’m lying)!! 

Show a little respect and love. Nebula will do the same for you!

Going out with a bang; One last words from me to all of you! 

Just before I check out I just really want to show my appreciation to all my followers, readers and lovers. You all have been so kind to me. I Mean without you I would not have made it through. It’s the little things I appreciate and you guys give me a reason to be thankful! TO YOU ALL I SAY; don’t stop believing in yourself, always make sure you Capre diem and never forget to smile. It’s easy to forget to smile every now and then, but gosh… When we humans smile we are so beautiful. You get to enlighten the people around you, So why should we frown. Yes, I too have bad days and not very cheerful, but I always try to remember the good things around me. So, lets have fun and be childish every now and then!! 

“One community, one goal. To write and inspire.” 

With much love & inspiration written by me,

(Just 5.6 ft. tall with a badass moustache and eager to grow as a writer.)

Jojo Al-waealy

Stamp of approval

‘One Last smoke,

‘One Last smoke,
Todays message is; One year celebration.

Good morning, day or evening ladies and gentleman. I Hope everyone is doing well today? First, just before I start my today’s subject, I want to tell you that this is actually not my usual day to post. But, this is not just any day post for me. It’s not about poetry or nomination. Today, October the 16th, is a special day for me, because one year ago I quit smoking! YES, I QUIT SMOKING FOR AN YEAR NOW AND THAT IS WORTH FOR A CELEBRATION!

History taught me; We all have bad days.

So, A little more than one year back; I have been a smoker for 8 years now. Tried couple times to quit smoking, but the longest I didn’t smoke was like 3/4 weeks. I Always had a excuse ready for why I couldn’t or didn’t want to quit (like many had/have). Eventually something changed for me, I still don’t know what, but my mind switched the switch and decided that I was done smoking and had to change something to achieve that. So, I love to google like most of us do, and I did days of research for tips, helps and tricks to leap and start. I Needed a motivation so what I did and still do, the amount money that I used for cigarettes (weekly) goes to my savings account. This is 45 euros a week, 55 US Dollars, 3900 Indian Rupees. Just so you know what I used to spent on cigarettes. But, to stay motivated I needed another reason. Why was I saving the money? I asked myself! I WANT TO GET MY MOTORCYCLE-LICENSE. And this is what I did, I kept saving my money until I had enough to start taking lessons for my motorcycle-license. It took me about 8 months to achieve that goal! And I’m still happy that I have taken that leap of faith! Because I got my motorcycle-license on August the 4th, BABY!!! Now I’m using the same method to get myself my first motorcycle next year.

I’m going to be honest as well; It wasn’t that easy for me every day. Sometimes I just wanted to give up, but I kept the promise to myself and whenever I was in doubt I just looked to my savings account. Without that I’m not entirely sure if I could celebrate today. I mean I didn’t ever believe I just could stop like that, For me something big had to change in my life to get a reason to quit. Getting my first child, changes like that would have been a good reason for me.

You tell me again; To ask, to try and to laugh. There is no “no”.

While in progress of quitting I truly focused on my own key of happiness. What did I love to do, what do I want to achieve, who do I want to be. I Have asked myself these questions every day. I Have tried everything I could and I have laughed my ass off while doing it. Seriously, I tried to lower the pressure on myself and didn’t tell anyone the first 2 months that I quit smoking besides the people that I work with, because they almost see me every day and I wanted to warn them for incase I would be grumpy. (didn’t really have those days, only hangry). So, I changed the peace in me by trying out new things, by being more open to new things and just have fun every day while I try to achieve my goal. My journal that I got for quitting was for me a get away for the moments it got harder, and while I wrote in my journal I got used again to write my emotions and things like that. I Mean I still remember that I always loved to write, loved poetry and especially because this was a get away card for my thoughts and emotions. Months into doing this I got inspired to share what I love to do. To write and to inspire. So, little google, little research and boom…..Covid-19 struck us all, this was my sign to really start doing what I love. Mid April I went live and have been posting 4 days a week since then. Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday (And Sundays for the nominations).

Why this post; In darkness we have to celebrate the little things.

Yes, in darkness we have to celebrate the little things. If we want to achieve greatness we have to celebrate the little steps towards our goal. This has given me so much back. The moment that I stopped smoking I also decided to go to the gym to better my health, and even that I still do. I go about 4 days a week to the gym, and I have been taking the bike to work instead of public transportation. I Have started my own blog that I have been loving. Nothing could really beat me down. Yes of course we all have bad days that we have to go through, but I can be honest with myself at this moment and thats to say that I am happy with whom I have become today.

To have one question; What is your little celebration?

I Want truly know what has become your little celebration? What do you want to share with me and or us? I Mean, with all the Covid-19, we still have to appreciate the little things around us. Have you been doing that and do you want to share the story with me? You could do it with a blogpost, in the comment or send a private letter to me. I Don’t care how you do it. Just do it! (I did not steal that slogan from Nike.)

With much love & inspiration written by me,

(Just 5.6 ft. tall with a badass moustache and eager to grow as a writer.)

Jojo Al-waealy

Stamp of approval



Her name speaks no tongue,

as she has shown our mistake.

One to set loose these chains

as she set her feet down for the world sake.

“Come”, she speaks.

“Come, and I will reveal you the beauty

when you open your eyes and wake.”

Her light guides us through

while we trust her soul during daybreak.

These stars’ pounder our hearts at night

as she wanders around while

wondering for your heartbreak.

“Trust”, She speaks.

“Trust, and I shall show you this clear skies realm

within one snow flake.”

As she lingers with her grace

the air flow stops without her partake.




To I have all within my hands reach.

To as I come barefoot within these lanes

I shall show you my blood to teach.


To I have al shown you my soul preach.

To as she has spoken

with her nameless speech.

Stamp of approval



Will you take me home?

To a place I belong?

As I am afraid

you would never treat me strong.

I Have made many mistakes

that speak me wrong.

By these thoughts you have

you have me lifelong.

Wait and see;

“By these nights

you have the moon,

the stars

and the ohms of the sky all along.”

In trust we share our stardust

as we hear the stream wandering

without our song.




A Rose,

within the thoughts of an elephant,

to behold with your grace.

You see;

“The agony and pain in my arms

have been lifting and rising thou

strength for no one to embrace.

These are within my hands

As I choose to erase.”

To not forget I set loose one petal

at time for this eternal disgrace.




To fly,

To think,

I set myself free from the pain.

As I scream for your attention

I fall without hope down the drain.

one step at a time,

one step to move,

I start to forget about thee again.

Let me rise as spoken by me;

“I have no chance to follow you to Spain

as my story begins from one place

as said by mark twain; ‘If I tell you the truth,

you don’t have to remember anything.’

With these thoughts you are like drops of rain.”

To think;






Stamp of approval



Brothers and sisters,

this world has too much crime.

It’s our responsibility to define and change,

It’s our duty to relieve us self from pain by time.

To al I say; “Rise up, and show me what you got.”

We have to be the one,

the one that rises and had a battle to be fought.

“Rise up, to the time of diversity.”

Life is a reality

that has been feeling like a fantasy.

As we choose to ignore the facts

That we can’t handle our perspective acts.

Until we collapse;






our cracks.”




To leave one footstep

as we arise.

Stamp of approval

‘Bloggers support bloggers,

‘Bloggers support bloggers,

To my lovely readers; ‘thank you implied,

This next post is not a nomination or a award, this post is a challenge. I saw this post passing through on my feed posted by LifesFineWhine and I was inspired by it. This lovely challenge is a start-up by Jirah Merizz ! It once started in 2018 and now she felt inspired again for a second “blogger support blogger” challenge. I Did not know Jirah Merizz before this challenge and when I feel inspired by someone I try always to acknowledge them for doing it! There is already enough hate on the world, so for every positivity there is it’s amazing! “#PayItForward” Do people still use hashtags?

So, Just before I do my support I want to thank them for this amazing challenge. you two keep on inspiring us with every little things you share with us, you make this community a little bit more fun to read on a daily basis. With the already 100000000 post a day. So don’t be afraid an check Pooja & Jirah out! just one click away.




  1. Thank the one who has tagged you for this challenge and give a link to their blogsite so others could see.
  2. Add any of the official photos in your blog post.
  3. List at least 5 bloggers you love and want to appreciate at this very moment.
  4. Give a short description about the blog you listed and some of the reasons why you love the blogger, or literally anything you want to say.
  5. Tag at least 5-10 bloggers to do the challenge.
  6. Put the official hashtag, #BloggersSupportBloggers in the Tags section of your post so whenever a blogger is looking for new blogs to read, it will be easier to find.

My next ‘appreciation, goes to; ‘To all and beyond,


LiaThePoet, I think many people who follows me knows you by name and heart. You are always inspiring, share us heartwarming comments and you inspire us with your lovely and diverse poetry! With carefully thoughts you had about me in the beginning to great friends on WP. My little High School Drama Queen, you deserve all the love and attention anyone can get!

J.m lilin

TheUnsignedWriter, a.k.a J.M.Lilin, Your writing is always a lovely pleasure to read. from poetry to fiction writing. You always inspire me with your work, it’s always a pleasure of my to read them! but not only a great writer you are. You are also a great friend and supporter in this community! We both have big dreams to achieve, and I hope we can achieve them both. To the journey we will go, to the journey we will survive and conquer! Thank you for connecting with me on WP, See you later in this blogging universe called WordPress.


TheHiddenK, I don’t know if I’m one of the few who knows what “K” stands for, but it would be a honour if it was true! K, (Not going to use your name) you are a amazing writer to be. Still young in this community, but ready to fight the fight! every conversation we have, we share and commit to one and another is a pleasure to work with! From poetry to flash fiction. you stand by your words, but open for improvements and feedbacks! Please, don’t stop writing yet. There is enough to uncover under the sheets, dear friend!

million dreams

MillionDreams, Another “K” in the list, sometimes confusing, but funny. K, First of I want to wish you all the best of luck with your exams in a week! As I told you before; make me proud. secondly, I Hope when you have more time to write again we can enjoy your work again. I always love how detailed you use to describe your stories. With such passion and love! Not one subject will do for you, and that’s what I love about your blog! See you soon again, friend!


Fauxcroft, Faux, sometimes I just cant catch up with the many poetry you write in a day, but when I do and have the time to read them I always get inspired by your poetry! You always try new things and you always know to express your thoughts and feelings in just couple of words! Please, don’t stop sharing us your daily dose of poetry, because I think a can say for many people; “We Love Them”!

Screenshot_2020-08-29 Secret Thoughts Within

SecretThoughsWhitin, I love how you experiment with all you can do with words. Your poetry is always a pleasure to read. especially the way you express your feelings and thoughts. I cant always catch up with your work, but I do my best! So, Please; Don’t stop writing and keep inspiring!

My last words; ‘Thank you, come again,

I Hope I can inspire you, yes YOU, to do the same as I did. It’s a lovely way to show your love and appreciation to all the hard work in this community. I Challenge you to say thanks to your amazing supporters or even just the people you love to follow and read their work! As I always say; “one community, one goal. To write and to inspire.” I go by my words and commitment, but the real question is; Can you do the same?

With much love & inspiration written by me,

(Just 5.6 ft. tall with a badass moustache and eager to grow as a writer.)

Jojo Al-waealy

Stamp of approval