‘let’s not say,

‘let’s not say,

let’s not say that I’m scared,

let’s not pretend that I’m different from who I am.

let’s just say I was the one who cared.

let’s just say I would run a mile, Madame!

to take the imperfect picture we have to create the perfect frame in our mind. to be surrealistic we have to see the world blind. Nonetheless we will always scream and be unkind.


You have that beauty like a peeled clementine. Your last path was left behind like a guideline.
Your eyes and lips spoke in a tussle when you tried to connect the worlds puzzle. And When you slowly whisper in my ear and slightly that I could hear, “Do I slither around in your brain, can’t we touch the words like mark twain. come with me to the end of the world and dance with me in the rain”.

sleepless at the Netherlands

close your eyes and hear the wind whistle late at night. do you hear it? good! do you still remember the first day you knew what peace felt like when there was nothing able to kill your mood? good. I want you to follow the beat in your heart and slowly accept the heartbeat. Every beat slows down your heart rate, and for once in your life trust the light at the end of the gate. breath to your inner child birthrate. stop for no pain like alexander the great! remember that smell when you felt like home hidden in your own aura’s dome. sky so dark at night only stars that shine so bright, at the sky dome. behold the sense of touch, every tingling that activates your memory as such.