Part 1

As I near my edge,

I ask myself; “What have I done?”


Where the devil is a lie

I close my eyes and open my heart.

Here I feel,

to whatever beauty allows,

a reason to fall apart.

But she is my sinner

to as she whittles like art;

“A dream to fly to the moon

Has become a reality in my heart.”


If silence would be my right

I would dance in the dark.

For I have forgiven your light

I remember the darkness spark.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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With much love & inspiration written by me,

Stamp of approval


I’m a lost soul writing throughout your mind.

For the willingness of envy you shall not easily offend me.

I chant while you weep,

I laugh while you break

and I rise while you descent from my eye.

To not to mention war,

(To not speak strong mouth,)

You shall deflower your soul.

thoughts you had and thought I would do.

To tell the truth;

This will I never be,

Never can be,

Never been raised to be,

I Have been chasing, nothing has been wasted,

From the chant of “You had me at hello” to

the rising voice of beauty that I have tasted.

I Am free,

Dancing through the melody of waves sea.

I Am to be,

Myself, as I have chosen to see.

I Will Flee,

To the future that beholds me.


The sky is so clear by angels of the world; speak to my soul.

Bewitched narrow minded of dreams

to make me shiver once again I felt whole!

You slowly pass me,

you slowly look at me,

you slowly speak to me.

Angelic spirit of flee,

speak to thee,

walk me through your path of free,

For I am chosen to run into mothers sea!

I was,

I will,

I shall be the truth in your heart.

To depart I seek love within eyes art!