Jojo & Poorvi ‘Hopeless,


The sorrow creeps in 

Slowly but surely

Biding its time

Waiting to make an entrance.

Everyone says “Hold on tight!”

That it’ll all be over before you know it

But when it comes everything crashes

Swiftly and surely; a muddled mess…


Therefore, when love prejudices sorrow,

I shall hold my breath.

For there is eternity to behold

my lasting death. 

It is I, the conqueror, who arises

as there is no hollow wall. 

But what has to come

shall be my affair as I stand tall.


And it is my promise to love 

Until the very end

But make no mistake

That I remain a broken shell

The lights and flashes mean nothing anymore

Because I see the tunnel growing nearer.

I love you darling truly I do

So it’s with a heavy heart that I speak my truth…


As I unfold my truth, where my plea is my eternity,

I shall remember a world hidden under my shell.

Here I arise, 

Here I wait,

Here I seek, for my own hell…. 

Behind the blood waters, I follow my own stream.

For there is no light unleashed by the darkened night.

Where I see, feel and have hope downstream.


There was a time—perhaps some centuries ago—

That all hope wasn’t lost

And every day brought with it a bout of vigor and energy

They call it the past for a reason.

So listen to me my dear friend,

Don’t let them trick you 

For happiness doesn’t exist.

At least not for lost souls like you and I…


The following poem was in collaboration with Poorvi, this was my second collaboration with anyone. Poorvi inspired me to do this collaboration, and glad I did, because I had fun doing so! Please, check out Poorvi Blog; Just one click away. Poorvi Kumar

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