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  • ‘daughter,


    With the hidden smile I sought and sought for a while. As I, lost in meanwhile, have this dream of my vile. Now with hope I flee and thus my eyes shall  plea; “With my realms I see the world behind my forgotten tree.” She was my hope where I relentless lost my pope. Aspired […]

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  • ‘Without,


    Had given me the strength to explain, but yet I feel as thunder and rain. As I sought to obtain my free reign I shatter with glass and slowly grow with pain.   With love and hope I flow with my vein to as my mother speaks in vain. Now as shallowly I  follow my […]

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  • ‘Rueful,


    If only I could blindfold myself from eternal misconception. As from afar I see the rain in your eyes and cry for losing my perception. As my blindfold caresses my face I shut my eyes and feel the stream in my palm. For I have shared many restless tears to as he, my conquer, listens […]

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  • ‘Adrift,


    Once again I close my eyes, take a deep breath and remember your smell. Where I wonder, as I forget, if you remember me well? “Everything will be alright.” Words to comfort my heart as I speak of our farewell. One last breath, One last sight One last time to recall your spell. . Where […]

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  • ‘Juliet,


    In my forever dream I float with evening-rose. Where I, through the haze, become one with my meadows. With a soft wave and a slow breeze your smell lingers under my nose. Here I unfold my truth for you to behold, so my child, speak until your heart disclose. To remember or not to remember, […]

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  • ‘Mend,


    all through the night I mend my broken heart. Where I got lost in my thoughts I remember you like art. As is my soul abending   while I fell apart. . Here is my ending my beginning when I became the hidden observer. It is a doubt which never leaves me, even in my […]

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  • ‘Together,


    Here I have seen the twinkle in my light, wherefore she ought to listen to my night. My love, my reason, my fight, I dance until you dress in white. It is I, whomever would fall, until I bow for my knight. To devour my soul I wait in endless sight. You are my October […]

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  • ‘Leery,


    To reminisce a time   where tales belong under my heart. As I whittle with the thoughts of being apart. I Remember vigilance sing like art. Here my willow sleeps under the moon. As the hymn winged melancholy soon. Wherefore the frightened thoughts admit to my tune. As I, whenever alone, dance with the stars […]

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  • ‘Demons,


    With the devil, inside my head, I whisper until the silent night. As he quietly, between the lines, sought for the light. What the images, under my heart, see without eyesight. He is my battle, around my soul, that I will take to fight. . You go with many names that beholds your power. Therefore, […]

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  • ‘Remiss,


    With lonely waters, in the moon and sky, I praise of tears at home. As I watched you disappear into the blue night with earths ohm. Things of beauty that burn onto my palm   I reach for my home. Do not fade away into the low waters as I try to reminisce. For there […]

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  • ‘Descend,


    Let me escape under my palm from isolation. somewhere, where the hills are green, I whittle in flirtation. In two nights, with a whisper, I seek for my validation. For your heartbeat has been my affirmation. In empty chambers, from dusk to dawn, I felt the temptation. Whomever hears my lost voice, I shall remember […]

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  • ‘return,


    With endless twilight and unwanted tears I fall with the sky. As my path is unknown I will shatter with misery as I cry. When I believed in us there was no reason to lie. For I shall smile eventually to as I will fly. With pouring rain I swim to the bottom of the […]

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  • ‘Starlight,


    By those who chose a different way I see light in your eyes sing a tune. You inspire beauty, at noon, to be my love of melody during the blue moon. To fleet with time I sang with birds as I remember your smile in June. Let me pray, Let me be, Let me see […]

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  • ‘Futile,


    I Wait for my half light to as I have faith while your love belongs in the secret garden. Too heedless I wire my veins throughout my body as I promise you my pardon. Awaken, my soul is, distant, I am, for this is my rose of doom. I Woke, in drapery nights, for I […]

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  • ‘Sweven,


    Don’t look back, listen to the waves of peace within one snowflake. The night we met as I awake, I feel my heartbeat break. I Can’t feel the words as I breath, but I lie awake. Still no rain for I am blindsided forsake. Hear my lips dream by day as I fall on my […]

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