‘One more chance,

‘One more chance,

Oh’ hear me chatter my misery.

Not to heal from pain off oblivion, Do I have this

Endless aspiration of seeking beauty within.


My grail of massacre from eyes of sin.

Only I can descend and

Realm the chills on my skin. To you I say;

“Eye for an eye as the enemy has been.”


Complete me and and let me fall for the odds.

Have I not shown you my flaws from the begin?

Answer my question with honesty.

Nor lies of grim to belong. this path we follow

Conflicts our predicted future. To you I say;

“Endless aspiration of seeking beauty within.”

Stamp of approval

‘dans ma mémoire;

‘dans ma mémoire;

Have I (not) chosen death?

To walk down the road alone

while playing catch with my last breath.

To see me suffer in pain

as blood pours down

I will stand tall to the last drain.

Frames of the past with glimpse of hope.

In your eyes I saw your last wish;

“For me to fall and be caught by your rope.”

To wonder about “What if?”

I walk my last walk,

with my eyes closed I have a last sniff.

Heart pounding faster,

losing my breath,

as deafening as it sounds;

“To slaughter my soul in one piece”

I ask…



By the rush of this disaster.




In a time far away I was in search for her beauty to lay.

The mystery she sought was upon us,

as she leans on to my shoulders to portray.

(“Say not there be adulterers in Heaven.”)

Lift my heart for you to cry on,

as I regret my promise not in one day.

Seek my smile for you to belong,

for I have given you the inner child’s play.

Rest my soul for you to depend on,

take me away from misery as fools speak in cliché.

Seek the words from my lips,

as I am the last speaker to obey.

Stamp of approval



I Want to fly,

sing me a song and hear my heart skip a beat.

To spread my wings and reach for the sky.

For I am one with you to kiss me sweet.

I Want to fly,

and show you my hymn by night.

To wander throughout earth as a butterfly.

with the strength of armour and knight.

I Want to fly,

under the willow you find me sleeping.

To reach for the clouds on a rainy day as a lullaby.

To believe in my faith I have stopped weeping.

I Want to..

I Want to…

I Want to….Fly

Stamp of approval

‘Vincent Ethindero Bloggers Award,

‘Vincent Ethindero Bloggers Award,

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
  2. Make a post of the award (with a photo of the logo).
  3. Post the rules.
  4. Ask 5-10 questions of your choice.
  5. Nominate 10-30 other bloggers (or more) and notify them.


First of all I want to thank Lotus Laura for nominating me with this amazing award. She is an passionate writer who loves to write about everything. Her creativity comes from many, but expresses it with writing. Whomever is reading this, check her blog out; Lotus Laura

Questions by the lovely Lotus Laura;

  • What is your favorite thing to write with (computer, phone, pen, pencil, typewriter, etc.) and why?

That’s a easy one, Laura. First off all; My handwriting is rubbish, I mean doctors have even better handwritings than I do. So no pen/pencil for me. Secondly, I think to fast, so writing with a computer is my go to. sometimes I cant keep up with myself. (you really should hear me talk. LOL)

  • How do you cheer yourself up on a bad day?

Whenever I am in a bad mood I always try to write. That’s when emotions run the highest for me to really conflict myself with whatever I’m feeling, or a good classic 80’s movies helps as well, and the last thing what could help for me is to work out.

  • What is one question that you never want to be asked?

hmm.. difficult one, Laura. I’m a open book, but I don’t just tell everything up front. You have to ask me the question before I will tell anything. I wouldn’t mind any question as far as I can say. Just ask and I answer.

  • What’s a hobby of yours that no one really knows about?

Does dancing and singing naked while showering count as a hobby? LOL. ahaha no just kidding, Thats not a hobby of my. Its my passion. I Don’t know, Laura. as I said before, I like to share and i’m an open book. I know that not allot of people know that I am a collector. From gaming to comics to LP’s. list goes on.

  • What is the last holiday you celebrated and how did you celebrate it?

Pfff, I think it was new years eve. (thanks to the whole Covid-19) It was with family and friends, just a house party!

  • How do you deal with anxiety?

I first really get to myself. Try not to talk allot, focus my mind on the thing I have to do. So I wont freak out, and eventually when I have to do the thing. whatever it is. I Do it and don’t see it as a hazard anymore. but, the moment before that I really get nervous and scared. I can admit that.

  • Who to you turn to for comfort?

My table, computer, (music) and words. Thats what helps me to comfort myself. To write, to share and to acknowledge.

  • If your life was a book, what would the genre be?


  • Do you have any “good luck charms” you keep with you?

Yes I do, My half dollar coin of JFK from 1964.

My Questions to my lovely nominees;

  1. What was you first book you have read that you can remember?
  2. who is your favourite author from the last 20 years?
  3. Did you always love to write?
  4. Your opinion about movies based on book adaptions?
  5. Do you listen to music when you write, if yes; what do you listen to?
  6. What about a chicken, a duck and a dog as house pets? should I or should I not do it?

& My lovely nominees are;

To you I want to say; ‘Thank you implied to all,

Yes, You, The one who made it to the end of my post. Thank you so much al for reading my work, for supporting me every day and making sure I am appreciated by you al. You all are amazing and wonderful people. I couldn’t be more thankful than I already am. You, The one that I have nominated. You truly deserve this award, You al can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. It starts with the most frightening thing anyone could do and that is to”believe in yourself.” If you accomplish that, than you can conquer al! Thank you for your time and precious love! Take care of yourself, ‘One community, one goal. To write and to inspire.”

With much love & inspiration written by me,

(Just 5.6 ft. tall with a badass moustache and eager to grow as a writer.)

Jojo Al-waealy

Stamp of approval



My lips are sealed,

to a flying butterfly in a field.

Hear me speak in silence,

loudly I rise my wings for I desire my wish;

“To be healed.”

Have I not seen the world?

Have I not shown you my inner peace?

to fly a mile to the north by your yield.

Look in my eyes and see the pain that has been concealed.

I am, (What do I say to this?)

I am frightened and alone in this battlefield.

As I believe in a better today,

a sorrow yesterday

and a brightened tomorrow.

I have to lose my shield,

I have to let down my guard.

My lips are no more sealed.

Stamp of approval



In vibrant of the night I close my eyes,

As afraid as I am I hear your voice for a moment

to only hear words of lies.

It was like a symphony,

symphony of cries.

I seek the moon’s light for me to guide

In the night by the wise.

Wandering soul passing through my mind

for an another story to rise.

A chase for their melody

to the buzzing sound of flies.

I Hear no more less, before I do;

I Coarse my roaring into the skies!

Stamp of approval



“Oh hear me speak” loudly for your attention,

spoken of adultery for you to mention.

Your response for every action,

for every move you make,

from eyes to his own reaction.

to not hear a simple yes for satisfaction.

to believe dishonesty;

“I have sought for questions for my answers.”

with a simple responsibility.

With last words of none no more,

to close that last door,

from within my hearts sore.

There were some words that were unspoken,

to believe of a double life,




of being bespoken.

To believe…

To believe…

To believe to a commitment of one’s heart broken.

Stamp of approval




“Death” my nemesis to be. I Shall not give you my dissenting.

For I’m a star upcoming; you see,

you heard my astrology within the silence

from far away to unrelenting.

See us bright and see us as your guide to be;

and I shall plead my honour for all to flee,

from a story of words beginning from the tree,

to swim, to follow the stream and to smell the sea,

For I share this beauty with thee.

To whittle with my tongue,

honesty has spoken to the young.

Stamp of approval

‘Bloggers support bloggers,

‘Bloggers support bloggers,

To my lovely readers; ‘thank you implied,

This next post is not a nomination or a award, this post is a challenge. I saw this post passing through on my feed posted by LifesFineWhine and I was inspired by it. This lovely challenge is a start-up by Jirah Merizz ! It once started in 2018 and now she felt inspired again for a second “blogger support blogger” challenge. I Did not know Jirah Merizz before this challenge and when I feel inspired by someone I try always to acknowledge them for doing it! There is already enough hate on the world, so for every positivity there is it’s amazing! “#PayItForward” Do people still use hashtags?

So, Just before I do my support I want to thank them for this amazing challenge. you two keep on inspiring us with every little things you share with us, you make this community a little bit more fun to read on a daily basis. With the already 100000000 post a day. So don’t be afraid an check Pooja & Jirah out! just one click away.




  1. Thank the one who has tagged you for this challenge and give a link to their blogsite so others could see.
  2. Add any of the official photos in your blog post.
  3. List at least 5 bloggers you love and want to appreciate at this very moment.
  4. Give a short description about the blog you listed and some of the reasons why you love the blogger, or literally anything you want to say.
  5. Tag at least 5-10 bloggers to do the challenge.
  6. Put the official hashtag, #BloggersSupportBloggers in the Tags section of your post so whenever a blogger is looking for new blogs to read, it will be easier to find.

My next ‘appreciation, goes to; ‘To all and beyond,


LiaThePoet, I think many people who follows me knows you by name and heart. You are always inspiring, share us heartwarming comments and you inspire us with your lovely and diverse poetry! With carefully thoughts you had about me in the beginning to great friends on WP. My little High School Drama Queen, you deserve all the love and attention anyone can get!

J.m lilin

TheUnsignedWriter, a.k.a J.M.Lilin, Your writing is always a lovely pleasure to read. from poetry to fiction writing. You always inspire me with your work, it’s always a pleasure of my to read them! but not only a great writer you are. You are also a great friend and supporter in this community! We both have big dreams to achieve, and I hope we can achieve them both. To the journey we will go, to the journey we will survive and conquer! Thank you for connecting with me on WP, See you later in this blogging universe called WordPress.


TheHiddenK, I don’t know if I’m one of the few who knows what “K” stands for, but it would be a honour if it was true! K, (Not going to use your name) you are a amazing writer to be. Still young in this community, but ready to fight the fight! every conversation we have, we share and commit to one and another is a pleasure to work with! From poetry to flash fiction. you stand by your words, but open for improvements and feedbacks! Please, don’t stop writing yet. There is enough to uncover under the sheets, dear friend!

million dreams

MillionDreams, Another “K” in the list, sometimes confusing, but funny. K, First of I want to wish you all the best of luck with your exams in a week! As I told you before; make me proud. secondly, I Hope when you have more time to write again we can enjoy your work again. I always love how detailed you use to describe your stories. With such passion and love! Not one subject will do for you, and that’s what I love about your blog! See you soon again, friend!


Fauxcroft, Faux, sometimes I just cant catch up with the many poetry you write in a day, but when I do and have the time to read them I always get inspired by your poetry! You always try new things and you always know to express your thoughts and feelings in just couple of words! Please, don’t stop sharing us your daily dose of poetry, because I think a can say for many people; “We Love Them”!

Screenshot_2020-08-29 Secret Thoughts Within

SecretThoughsWhitin, I love how you experiment with all you can do with words. Your poetry is always a pleasure to read. especially the way you express your feelings and thoughts. I cant always catch up with your work, but I do my best! So, Please; Don’t stop writing and keep inspiring!

My last words; ‘Thank you, come again,

I Hope I can inspire you, yes YOU, to do the same as I did. It’s a lovely way to show your love and appreciation to all the hard work in this community. I Challenge you to say thanks to your amazing supporters or even just the people you love to follow and read their work! As I always say; “one community, one goal. To write and to inspire.” I go by my words and commitment, but the real question is; Can you do the same?

With much love & inspiration written by me,

(Just 5.6 ft. tall with a badass moustache and eager to grow as a writer.)

Jojo Al-waealy

Stamp of approval