So here I take my roads

till the end of time.

Where seeds bloom to flowers

as to where flowers flow with the suns rhyme.

With a deep breath I calm my heart

as she slowly shatters with the dark time.

This is why words comfort my dream

Because without, she wouldn’t rise sublime.


Off the darkest night,

in the deepest sky,

just under the light,

there you see a butterfly.


As she spread her wings

she flights away with the night.

Therefore, when morning strikes

she would be ready for the light.


Words, they pass through my vein

but yet, I can’t remember the slightest tale.

As I asked myself; “do I or do I not

behold my own cages of my jail?”


 With those questions I occur my heart,

as she replies, “free your mind.”

Thus what I did, I freed my heart

and now I rise one with the blind.

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