We happen to be talking about the when’s, the where’s and the why’s. But in reality we never just appreciate the things around us, as we are the spirit of the skies. So, every now and then we just have a leap of faith and let time catch us. For we all consider our future treasonous. The all unknowing mighty power is ticking his last seconds of the hour. And as bright he could be using his manpower he will be deflowered. So let her grow……  that lovely flower.

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    1. Hi, Cyncoed. there is actually no one way of looking at it! same as in life, we have many cases of lessons to teach us what’s “important” in life, but even then it’s different for each. So its more like; the “flower” is a symbol for rising death to a new chapter! we have to keep appreciate it while lasting, but also if one pedal falls off there is always a new one ready to bloom! so the question is; “Do you bloom?”

      when I write I try to write with both sides of the story! there is never just one way of looking at it! At least thats what i try to accomplish! 🙂 thanks for asking a fair question!

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