one hope

It was that last hour ticking on the clock and she is that queen peeled down like a clementine. Her last path was left behind like a guideline. The crown sparkling next to the deep dark bordeaux wine. She was just one glass away from the battle line. As hard she tried to fight the battle she was forbidden to leave her castle. There was no one to talk to, her mind was trapped in the tower of Babel. Her eyes and lips spoke in a tussle when she tried to connect the worlds puzzle. Blood spreading in the air and bones being broken, as she saw the duel, nothing could be worse and so gruel. “Oh why do my men deserve to suffer” she asked herself. ” Aren’t we all one summer away from being blood brother”.  For I take my life away I will die in stray. don’t ask me why, but take my eye for I shall go to the blue sky hereby I say goodbye with bones so dry my flesh will fly and I have shred for the battle cry thus will I go like a butterfly.

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