shadows in the eyes

you asked for forgiveness in your heart and even when you can break every thorn on every rose you will always feel regret in your fingers. so i won’t make this poem just about the beauty that you have, or the smile that could touch thousand of hearts or even the beauty that would make time stop for a second, a minute or even for hours. no this poem would be about you. The you that you want people to see, to feel and to hear. And even when I could rhyme the words with every letter of the alphabet I wouldn’t combine A with Z for an affair. So let me talk about your grace that you carry on every day. It has always been as strong as a Ballerina doing ballet, pointing her arms up to the sky like there’s no other way. As Shakespeare tried to define love he only knew it would start in may, But even the mightiest, strongest and independent woman deservers her moment of shine.You shared all simplicity in your eyes, all beauty behind white lies and when you looked deep into the skies you had only to ask for the why’s. share me your soul when the burtons become heavy for your eyes to roll! let’s just say ” you had me on hallo”.

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