Oh she squeezes, screams, and groans as a wolf to the full moon!
Slow high rising heartbeat under her skin. She tries to disguise the pleasure, the pain and the sin of pleasing… she moves her finger with tenderness down from her lips to her neck and on to her hips. She opens her eyes early in the morning grieving for some cigarettes. She lights a Lucky strike, inhales and releases the smoke. Next to her bed there is an open bottle of jack and an empty glass. She turns the radio on and Otis Redding “ cigarettes and coffee “ is playing. It must have been a wild night. She remembers the steamy night! She keeps picturing the hot, hot, sensual midnight train. Let’s talk, baby, she said. In one hand she has the cigarette and the other is on her naked body. She closes her eyes to picture the night. She licks her finger and slowly goes down to the lips of her flower… with a delight stroke she pleases her vagina. One finger in, she goes faster and faster. She starts groaning, with all the power she has she tries to keep it in, but the pleasure is too good. A second finger will help her to proses it deeper. She inhales one last time and throws the cigarette away. She licks her finger once again so she can taste the honey of the bee. She bites her lips, and She has been a fool for just thinking about it, but that one last taste was to good too be.

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